We’ll learn more of the President’s health in coming days. Unfortunately, the paucity of official information out of the White House gives rise to endless speculation by medical observers, none of whom have direct contact with the case. It’s a pattern we have come to expect from this most disingenuous of administrations. Much of what comes out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is intended to deflect journalistic inquiry, thwart accuracy and avoid the most important part of a democracy – accountability to the public. The same could be said of the administration’s COVID-19 policy, which has been to duck and cover from responsibility for overseeing the nation’s health. They’ve denied the pandemic. Passed it off onto the governors of afflicted states. Refused to invoke federal authority for supply of PPE, testing equipment or contact tracing. The President has lied from the outset, admitting as much in taped interviews with Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward. More importantly, a White House panel assembled to deal with the pandemic was undercut week after week. Donald Trump made a circus of the media proceedings. He pretended to be authoritative when he had no idea what he was talking about, mocking health care professionals like Drs....Read more